Testimonial From Our Guests

We really appreciate receiving testimonials from our guests. While they give our team great satisfaction, they also fill our future guests with confidence in our ability to provide them with an unforgettable adventure. Here are some recent testimonials from our extended aquatic family.

A group of close friends and I sailed on the Alor itinerary aboard the Aurora in September of 2016. All of us are experienced divers who have dived all over the world, including 6 previous trips to Indonesia on various other live aboard dive vessels. We all agreed that the Aurora trip was one of, if not the best trips we had taken. There was really not a single aspect of the trip that was negative. The boat was in excellent condition and well laid out, the crew was outstanding, the food plentiful and delicious, and the diving was superb with great variety, from fascinating muck dives to exhilarating drift dives. A photographers dream, and even the remote land excursions were interesting and fun. Highly recommended.

Mike Southard

A Simply stunning adventure with majestic scenery mixed with unforgettable experiences.

Rodrigo Lopez (Madrid, Spain)

A lifetime adventure and the beautiful images say it all. Thank you My Reef’s Diary, I will be back!

Jimmy Booth (Essex, UK)

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