It Looked Better in the Brochure

2017年 10月 28日

Time and time again I find myself in a situation I should not be in. Even though I have been travelling for many years and have been in some extraordinarily beautiful locations I still wish I was not disappointed when they came around. And here I was again. Descending an anchor line in some nightmare green soup when really it should be in crystal blue waters with dolphins and turtles smiling at their new found friends. My mind is in a place somewhere between slightly disappointed and a vortex of frustration, particularly at that moment when my left arm started itching crazily. 

How do I prepare myself for myself when this big moment of disappointment appears suddenly and uninvited into my life? There came a time recently when I sat down and asked myself why I was developing such a deep-seated loathing of travel brochures. Because they were surely to blame, right? I mean what else could it be? But the answer did not originate in the overly blue photo-shopped glossy travel brochure sitting quietly on a table in that newly carpeted air-con room in Singapore. It lay inside a small piece of real estate on top of my two shoulders.  

Holding onto the descent line in that now very itchy green soup, I would be lying if I said I didn’t   want to knock on the door of the designer of the beautiful brochure lying on that pleasantly cool office desk in the now far-away Singapore or maybe just take it out on the dive guide knowing that they were somehow responsible for the colour of this increasingly annoying water. But no, not this time. I stopped. And looked. At the thousands of beautiful tiny shrimp like creatures of all shapes and sizes that were floating past my mask. Maybe just for another two more minutes I could enjoy these precious quiet moments.