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Ten reasons plus 1 for you to visit the Coral Triangle

01 February 2017

  • The Coral Triangle provides habitats for the most extensive marine biodiversity on earth
  • It occupies only about 1.6% of the world’s oceans so it is a concentrated melting pot of marine diversity
  • There are plenty of fish to see as it is a home to 37% of the 6,000 global coral reef fish species
  • Just in the Indo-Pacific region alone, it houses a staggering 56% of the 4,050 coral reef fish species so there will never be a dull moment underwater!
  • The many stunning coral gardens are reflected in the fact that the region contains an incredible 76% of the world’s coral species
  • The large area and unique range of habitats and environmental conditions have played an exceptional role in maintaining the biodiversity of the Coral Triangle
  • Providing a habitat for six out of seven of the world’s marine turtle species it is no surprise to see a turtle swimming past or grazing on seaweed
  • It is frequented by Blue Whales, Sperm Whales, Dolphins, Porpoises and Dugongs
  • It covers the largest single coral reef extent of nearly 73,000 square kms which is 29% of the global coral reef area!
  • The Coral Triangle and its associated coastal ecosystems such as mangrove forests and seagrass beds perform irreplaceable functions—coastal protection, fisheries production, recreation, education, generation of livelihood and of course some of the best diving on our planet
  • + 1.......The people of Indonesia are extremely friendly!