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It Looked Better in the Brochure

28 October 2017

Even though I feel that I have been lucky to visit some beautiful locations I still wish I did not get a little frustrated when the dive conditions did not meet my expectations. Here I was again, descending an anchor line in some nightmare green soup when really it would be a lot better in crystal blue waters with dolphins and turtles smiling at their new found friend. My mind is sitting a place somewhere between "slightly disappointed" and a "deep frustration", particularly at that moment when my left arm starts to itch crazily. 

There came a time recently when I asked myself why I was developing such a dislike of how travel brochures were constantly luring me to remote locations with their glossy pictures of clear-blue waters and hidden promises of guaranteed happiness. They were surely to blame, right? I mean what else could it be? But the answer did not originate in the overly-blue photo-shopped travel brochure sitting in that newly carpeted air-conditioned shop in Singapore. It lay inside a small piece of real estate on top of my two shoulders.  

Holding onto the descent line in that (now increasingly) itchy green soup, I would be lying if I said I was impressed with that travel brochure in that distant Singapore office. I could maybe have a word with the dive guide knowing that he was somehow responsible for the colour of this increasingly annoying water. But no, not this time. I forced myself to stop. And look. At the thousands of beautiful tiny shrimp-like creatures of all shapes and sizes that were floating past my mask. Maybe just for another two more minutes I could enjoy these preciously quiet moments in time. And quietly smile.

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