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When bigger is not always better - the compact camera revolution has arrived

29 October 2017

We are seeing an increasing amount of divers using compact digital cameras to capture that special undersea moment and for some very good reasons. Here are 10 reasons which may make you consider buying a compact camera rather that a digital SLR at the camera store!

  • Airports with ease – you will be surprised how much accessories you will start to accumulate. Your camera case will get bigger and bigger over time but with a compact camera at least everything will be smaller at the check-in counter with that 7kg maximum carry-on
  • When smaller is better - with a compact camera diving is easier and as a result less stressful! Also there are less control buttons on the water housing to make the shot easier when that golden moment arrives
  • Sitting comfortably in small spaces - compact cameras can fit comfortably into small spaces and ledges when capturing images of small marine animals such as nudibranchs. A smaller camera is also easier to reposition, making better photographic compositions
  • Less control buttons means less stress - if you constantly practise how to locate all of the individual controls and custom settings before hitting the water you will have more enjoyment and the quality of your images will increase dramatically
  • High quality images - Compact camera technology is simply outstanding. While some SLRs may still suit the top National Geographic photographer with specific specialties, you would be surprised how many top camera professionals have a favourite compact camera by their side and in print it is sometimes impossible pick the difference in image quality
  • It will not break the bank - A really good compact camera is significantly cheaper than a really good SLR camera. In the unlikely event that you flood the camera (let’s face it, these things happen) the financial burden will be less and hey it might be time to upgrade to the new model anyway. With an SLR believe me, you will be crying bricks
  • More chance of capturing that sudden golden moment – you suddenly look around and a majestic manta ray appears out of nowhere. Like Jesse James drawing his gun, your compact camera is out and ready to go
  • Macro photographer's dream - Compact cameras have made capturing small critters a dream come true! Social media watch out!
  • Less camera stress equals happy diving - when you can operate five buttons blindfolded on your favourite compact camera your underwater life will become your newly found little happy place
  • Easy preparation - you have your compact camera space ready after a dive, spare battery charged and ready,  O-ring greased up…….Bang! It takes 5 minutes and you are first in for lunch

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