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01 June 2017

The underwater world in the tropical waters surrounding Bali is often overlooked as more remote and pristine areas of the Coral Triangle are gaining recognition as areas of immense beauty and discovery. Also a type of 'bucket list' approach exists with many people wanting to see large marine species interactions with whale sharks, mola-mola, turtles and manta rays. However, recently there has been a shift of interest to the macro world. Through the eyes of advanced camera technology we are becoming more and more willing to visit this extremely strange world of the smaller but more numerous marine species. This is excellent news for underwater enthusiasts who wish to spend some time in Bali. The many scenic coastal bays in the north-east coast of Bali provide unique habitats for a variety of bottom-dwelling marine life living on submerged black volcanic sands. Black sand provides a great background for marine life images while Nitrox (readily available in Bali) provides extended bottom times so you can enjoy Bali's exotic feel and just relax!

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