East Borneo - Sangalaki Island

Sangalaki Resort is found on the small island of Sangalaki, strategically located inside the vast 1.27 million hectare Sangalaki Marine Heritage Park. A short walk through crystal clear waters, onto the whitest sand beach, you reach a shaded tree-line where you see the beach bungalows of Sangalaki Resort. It is here that Green Turtles lay eggs right in front of your jungle bungalow all year round and where colourful birds, large monitor lizards and coconut crabs call home. Surrounding the island you find beautiful coral forests while blue waters randomly reveal shapes of the majestic resident Manta Rays with marine life of all shapes and sizes a short distance below.

Looking eastwards from the northern tip of island you can see Kakaban Island, famous for its jellyfish lake, with Maratua Island a short distance behind and one of the few places in the world where you can witness huge schools of circling barracuda. Indeed, Sangalaki Island is the only place that you can truly experience East Borneo's unparalleled beauty.

East Borneo in 90 Seconds

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